Cazoo NFT roadmap Q1 ongoing

Q1 2022

Scouted the perfect AI, with a selected whitelist the polls detected the desired emotions, objects, scenes to transform into an NFT. Those are minted on Opensea and on Holaplex

Q2 2022

Improved the AI, a second whitelist allows for new pools and more community generated art. A first Marketplace Sale begins, which holds between 5% and 10% royalties for funding and further developement.

Q3 2022

The first generation NFTs evolve in form and in new art, keeping the style and the concept of the original community NFT. A third whitelist opens to welcome more community deciders, and a new Marketplace Sale takes place. Exclusive airdrop only for actual and past holders.

Cazoo NFT roadmap Q4 2022

Q4 2022

The second generation of NFTs evolves into a new and possibly more abstract generation, a new Marketplace Sale takes place. A new form of governance takes place for NFT holders. Phisical copies of the community generated art are developed. Reward givaways to the whitelisted community.

Cazoo NFT roadmap 2023


Sky’s the limit.