Cazoo was born in 2021 as an online journal, created to support all those who have an interest in understanding how the world of Web3, cryptocurrencies and, later, NFTs artworks. 

It has grown very quickly, bringing thousands and thousands of passionate users to its pages.

NFT.Cazoo was created to bring its users together in a self-operating community, to demonstrate how uniting a group can create value.
Many users have written to Cazoo looking for collaborations and new projects, and the interest has been such that the idea was born.

In a first Whitelist users have been selected to create new NFTs, together. Partnering.

Users who join the whitelist are asked to vote on a list of keywords, which can range from objects, symbols, feelings, styles, emotions. The community’s choice will determine the creation of the new NFT.

Joining the Whitelist is completely free, and can be done in this page.

One of the most powerful artistic AI.

Contrary to what many assume, the usage of Artificial Intelligence in the art world does not want to imitate the artist itself to obscure its presence. Instead makes art creation accessible to anyone, even those who do not consider themselves artists.

Cazoo wants to bring these new technologies to anyone.

We publish our works in two different platforms and two different blockchains:

  • Opensea on the Polygon blockchain
  • Refinable on the Binance Smart Chain

As much as Opensea is the most famous marketplace for digital artwork, the fees in the Ethereum world are still not very accessible to many. That is why we choose, in Opensea, to deploy on the Polygon blockchain.

Refinable has very low entry prices and extremely low fees, as it is built on the Binance blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain

View Cazoo’s collection on Opensea (Polygon)

View Cazoo’s collection on Refinable (Binance Smart Chain)

Your NFT artwork will be sent to the wallet you purchased within a matter of minutes.

You are free to do anything with your NFT under a non-exclusive license.

Between 5% and 10% royalties will be applied to all NFT resales. We will be using these funds for future development.

Feel free to get in touch whenever you want. Contact us

When you create a wallet, either on the Ethereum blockchain or on the Solana blockchain, or the Binance Smart Chain, or… well, never, ever, ever share your wallet’s seed phrase with anybody. No one in Cazoo wil ever, ever ask you for your seed phrase, ever.

Not even any NFT admins, Solana or Holaplex support, Opensea support or nobody. Remember, not your keys, not your crypto, not your NFTs.